...You reach your cold, tired, hypeless hand out for the button. As the angelic horns of angels sound, you've arrived. Pure nirvana. The hype. Is. Unreal.

Bayley Pierson

Used this for my brothers bachelor party anytime someone need to hype themselves up! Fun noise to use with music and drinking games if you are of age!

Adriana Avila

It's exactly as advertised and works like a charm. You won't regret it, but your coworkers will.

D. Harp

Quite possibly the greatest purchase I’ve made in my life. I bought two and wish I had bought more. Whoever made this is the GOAT.


We purchased this to hype our office, unfortunately one unit was terribly insufficient for our needs. Bought two more and couldn't be happier.

Jake Munsell

I have a hard time going to the bathroom, this instantly gave me the confidence to deploy the USS Brownfish.